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Self Drive Work Platform

Self Drive Work Platform Range Explained

Niftylift self-drive work platforms have working heights ranging from 12m (40ft) to over 21m (69ft). Combining the capabilities of trailer mounts and self-propelled work platforms, Nifty self-drive work platforms are compact, lightweight and maneuverable. Driven from the platform while stowed, 4WD chassis options maximise traction, and hydraulic outriggers allow fast setup even on rough terrain.

Easy-to-use proportional controls make Niftylift self-drive work platforms simple to operate, and features such as telescopic booms, jib-booms, and platform rotation maximise their effectiveness on any task.

Self Drive Work Platforms Power Options

Power options available on Nifty self-drive cherry pickers include battery, petrol, diesel and 'Bi-Energy' (e.g. battery & diesel), combining the benefits of two power sources on the same machine.*

More Self Drive Work Platforms Information

For more information regarding our self-drive work platforms or any other Nifty work platforms, please contact Niftylift today.

* Not available on all models. Check specification sheets for details of exact features.

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