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Niftylink - Advanced Telematics for your Niftylifts

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Niftylink is Niftylift's powerful digital analytics tool that provides valuable data insights on your machines' health, activity, and location.

Developed in partnership with Trackunit, Niftylink is specifically designed to solve some of the most common problems in the construction industry, increasing the profitability of your machines and improving customer satisfaction.

To discover how Niftylink can maximize the potential, profitability and efficiency of your fleet, download our 'Niftylink Brochure' below.
Alternatively, call our sales team on 1-800-NIFTYLIFT (1-800-643-8954) or email to find out more.

Smart. Connected. Efficient.

With over 70 parameters of machine data, Niftylink offers the highest level of insight into machine usage.

Delve into advanced machine data, getting a better understanding of your machine usage, performance and life-cycle. Niftylink is the key to reaching a higher level of efficiency and smarter business decisions that benefit your bottom line.

To access and utilize this data, we have developed two easy-to-use platforms that translate complicated CAN bus data into straight-forward and actionable information.

Niftylink Support

For technical support or assistance using Niftylink, head to our Niftylink Support page:

Niftylink Manager 

Niftylink Manager is the command and control center for your entire fleet, providing you with tools to track the location and current activity of all your machines. You will be instantly notified if any machines are in need of attention, allowing you to organize pre-emptive maintenance, increasing machine uptime.

Designed specifically for Fleet Managers, all reporting and service scheduling can be completed using Niftylink Manager, removing manual paper processes that are slow and inefficient.

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Niftylink Go 

Niftylink Go is an app that has been created to assist Service Technicians with diagnosing machine faults, detailing important information on the fault and suggesting how to resolve the problem.

The ability to remotely diagnose machines using Niftylink Go helps reduce the number of callouts and increases machine uptime.

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Niftylink Availability   

Niftylink is fitted as standard on the following models, ordered after January 1st 2020:

SP34 MK2
SP45 4x4 MK3
SP50 4x4 MK3
SP64 2x4 MK2
SP64 4X4 MK2
SP85 4x4 MK2

Retrofit Niftylink

Retrofit Niftylink on other Niftylift models and connect your entire Nifty fleet.

Retrofitting is available on the models listed above, under Niftylink Availability
For more information about Retrofitting download the Niftylink Brochure.

Niftylink Brochure

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