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Niftylift's Zero-Emission All-Electric MEWPs

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Niftylift's new zero-emission All-Electric MEWPs are clean, quiet and super-efficient.
Read on to learn how they’re driving us towards a greener future.

The World Is Changing

The widespread acceptance of the causes of Climate Change has led governments and individuals around the world to change the way they behave in relation to carbon and particulate emissions.

Changing consumer sentiment and the stricter regulations brought on by government legislation are driving users of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) to choose cleaner, more efficient products.

This has led to a shift from the use of MEWPs with internal combustion (IC) engines as their sole power-source towards plug-in hybrids and more recently all-electric MEWPs.

Niftylift - The World Is Changing

This trend can be seen in the MEWP sector too and as the charging infrastructure needed to support this technology continues to improve, all-electric MEWPs are fast becoming the preferred choice for rental companies and end-users alike.

Driving Technology Forward

Niftylift has always offered battery-powered versions of its product range, but where IC engines are required e.g. our Bi-Energy or Gen2 Hybrid power systems, hydraulic wheel-motors are used to propel them. In terms of battery performance, hydraulic wheel-motors are less efficient than electric wheel motors. This coupled with the limitations Lead Acid battery technology meant that, in the past, battery-only powered machines weren’t viewed with the same confidence to work for extended periods that Diesel or combined-powered machines were.

Niftylift - World Headquarters

New battery technologies, such as Absorbent Gas Mat (AGM), and more recently Lithium-Ion and Lead Crystal have increased battery capacities and reduced charge times, making them a more effective power source for Niftylift MEWPs. These improvements have increased the viability of battery-only power as an alternative to IC-only and hybrid power options which have, in turn, led to opportunities for using All-Electric Drive to further increase their performance.

This is exactly what Niftylift has done and through a rigorous design and testing process has developed its range of zero-emission ‘All-Electric’ self-propelled MEWPs with super-efficient power systems that offer significantly improved battery performance over extended periods.

The Advantages of Niftylift All-Electric MEWPs

Niftylift's new zero-emission All-Electric MEWPS are clean, quiet and super-efficient. They are compact, maneuverable and low in overall weight and they deliver market-leading reach performance as well as a host of useful innovations. These include:

Niftylift’s multi-award-winning SiOPS®, which instantly stops all machine functions if the operator is pushed onto the cage controls by an obstacle, preventing serious injury.

On-board diagnostics, giving owners and operators more information than ever before to help identify faults and assist with maintenance activities.

Niftylink®, Niftylift’s advanced telematics solution, providing data insights on machine health, activity and location in real-time, allowing the remote diagnosis of machine issues and offering resolutions to increase machine uptime.

Maintenance-Free Batteries with Full Monitoring and Protection

Niftylift’s ‘All-Electric’ MEWPs include AGM maintenance-free batteries as standard (or Lithium-Ion batteries as a customer option) and a full battery monitoring and protection system that monitors battery voltage, DC current in and out, and battery temperature. The system stops batteries from being discharged to less than 20% of full charge, preventing battery damage that can be caused by excessive deep battery discharge - with no performance loss.

Niftylift AGM Batteries - HR12L
Niftylift Lithium-Ion Batteries - HR12L

Extended Battery Performance

Utilizing this advanced battery power system with an efficient all-electric drive allows the batteries to work for considerably longer on a single charge. Niftylift measures machine operation in ‘Standard Duty Cycles’ (expressed as an ‘SDC Rating’*) and the industry standard for a typical day’s work is equivalent to 16 repetitions of our Standard Duty Cycle - or an SDC rating of 16.

Niftylift’s All-Electric MEWPs have SDC ratings of 32 or above (some much higher), meaning they can comfortably perform two working days on a single charge, some with the ability to perform well over four!

The Future Is Green

Niftylift zero-emission All-Electric MEWPs are clean, quiet and super-efficient and offer some significant advantages over IC-powered alternatives.

The recent advances in battery technology, coupled with the efficiency benefits of an all-electric drive are finally dispelling the concerns that ‘battery power doesn’t have the longevity to get the work done’ when compared to IC power.

The Future is Green with Niftylift

Niftylift All-Electric MEWPs have fewer components, simpler maintenance schedules and far lower energy costs. These mean reduced lifetime ownership costs and lower running costs as well as the potential for their increased utilization due to their ability to work in more locations, even emissions-restricted areas.

Add to these the groundswell of social pressure to reduce carbon and particulate emissions and the growing number of businesses committing carbon-neutral targets and it can be seen that the IC engine’s days are numbered but...

...with Niftylift, at least, the future is Green.

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