Niftylift and the Engineering Education Scheme (EES)

Engineering Education Scheme

Introduction to the Engineering Education Scheme

Part of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Engineering Education Scheme (EES) allows students to work in-depth with professional engineering companies and engineers, working on a real life, industrial problem.

Since it began in 1984 the EES has provided thousands of students with in-depth knowledge of the engineering industry and inspired many to go on enjoy a successful career in engineering.

The scheme takes place across the United Kingdom, with teams comprising of four or five students who taking an A-level engineering course. Teams are then selected by an engineering company that will brief them with a real task, during which each team will work with an engineer from that company as a mentor.

Students can be awarded with a BA Crest Gold Award depending on the quality of the project report, but the prestigious Exscitec Platinum Award is an individual award given only to students who have shown an outstanding contribution to their project.

Denbigh School

Niftylift and Denbigh School

Niftylift is committed to supporting and encouraging the education of engineering in schools and has maintained its involved with the Engineering Education Scheme by partnering its own young graduate engineers with students from Denbigh School for many years. In that time Niftylift has fostered a very productive relationship with Denbigh and since 2005 when they first applied for the BA Crest Gold and Exscitec Platinum awards, have also enjoyed a very successful partnership too.

BA CREST (Creativity in Science and Technology) Gold Award

A national award run by the British Science Association and will boost the student's applications for careers/ higher education. This level is normally completed by 16+ yr olds and requires 100+ hours of work.

Exscitec Platinum Award

A national award which is accredited by the Open University and can be used towards points for student's first year of study on engineering courses at some universities. The Award requires students to develop a practical research project over a 120 hour period and it is recognition that the standard of their work is comparable to that of level one degree standard.

Niftylift Congratulates Denbigh Student Teams on their Acvhievements

Denbigh student teams have been awarded both BA Crest Gold and Exscitec Platinum awards each year since 2005, which is an impressive achievement. Niftylift is very proud of the achievements of these talented students and would like to thank them for their effort and hard work and congratulate them on their success.

To find out more about the projects that the Denbigh students worked on for Niftylift, just click on the years on the left-hand-side of the screen.