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Hydrogen-Electric: The Future of Green Construction

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Introducing Hydrogen-Electric (H2E) from Niftylift

Working in harmony with Niftylift All-Electric, this revolutionary new technology enables continuous zero-emission operation, even when charging facilities aren't available.

Greener Construction with Hydrogen-Electric

Construction site with no charging infrastructure

As carbon emissions continue to rise around the globe, the need for action has never been more urgent. With Construction one of the world's biggest carbon producers, the pressure on contractors to decarbonise has never been greater.

The Zero-Carbon Challenge

The challenge, then, is how best to embrace zero-emission technologies like Niftylift's All-Electric MEWPs and effectively utilise them at the earliest stages of the construction process when charging facilities are often unavailable.

Without this charging infrastructure, many construction sites will be forced to resort to diesel-powered MEWPs or charge electric MEWPs using diesel or hybrid generators. Both options cause notable CO2, particulate matter, and noise emissions.

The Niftylift Solution

Niftylift has solved this challenge with the introduction of its Hydrogen-Electric (H2E) range. The HR15 H2E and HR17 H2E are the world's first (and only) MEWPs to integrate Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology. They deliver an outstanding package of performance and efficiency while emitting zero carbon during their operation.

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The Niftylift HR15 H2E on a construction site
Hydrogen-Electric G20 Bottle Replacement

Hydrogen-Electric: A Repeatable Solution

With Niftylift's H2E system, a Hydrogen Fuel Cell fully charges the batteries from one G20 Hydrogen bottle, doubling the machine's impressive range while emitting no CO2 or other pollutants.

The G20 bottle is quick and easy to replace and provides a convenient, clean, and repeatable on-site solution for long-term site use that can help users meet operational net-zero targets.

By choosing Hydrogen-Electric MEWPs from Niftylift, you are future-proofing your ESG strategy and providing your customers with a viable long-term solution to continue their net-zero journeys.

The HR15 & HR17 H2E

Our low-weight, electric, compact booms are ideal for Hydrogen-Electric technology. They provide a clean and repeatable on-site solution that helps offset operational net-zero targets while maintaining powerful performance.

The HR15E and HR17E are not just technologically advanced; they are also environmentally friendly. They are the first in our HeightRider range to feature an all-electric drive and hydrogen fuel cell technology, enabling them to operate for more than five days on a single charge. Even in the absence of on-site charging facilities, these machines can continue to work, emitting only water vapour. This commitment to sustainability is further reinforced by a range of additional benefits, including updated screen software, fully integrated telematics, and our multi-award-winning SiOPS® safety system.

Considering the prevalent issues in the construction industry, the ability to combine all the advantages of our All-Electric HeightRider range with this world-first technology in the future will be monumental in helping businesses become more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.


Niftylift's introduction of Hydrogen-Electric MEWPs marks a significant leap towards sustainable construction, offering an innovative solution to the industry's environmental challenges. By harnessing the power of Hydrogen fuel cell technology, we are not only advancing our commitment to sustainability but also providing a practical, efficient, and cleaner alternative for the construction sector. This initiative underlines our dedication to leading the way in eco-friendly construction practices, ensuring a greener future is within reach. With Niftylift, the future of construction really is green!

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