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ClipOn - Harness Attachment Detection

Niftylift - ClipOn

A simple, easy-to-use, and retrofittable safety device that provides Niftylift operators with a visual and audible reminder to 'clip on' their harnesses.

How does ClipOn work?

ClipOn provides a visual and audible warning if a person tries to operate the Niftylift without clipping on their safety harness lanyard to one of the machine’s harness points.

Niftylift ClipOn - Red LED

When the machine is switched on, Red LEDs above each harness point indicate that no harness lanyard is attached. An alarm will sound as an additional indication/reminder if the operator tries to activate the machine using the footswitch.

Niftylift - ClipOn - Green LED

The LED will change to green as soon as a harness lanyard is attached, and the alarm will stop sounding.

Niftylift - ClipOn - Cage Light

The green light under the cage clearly indicates to the ground team the status of the operator harness attachment, improving site safety compliance.

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