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TD150T | 14.7m Track Drive

Working Height

14.7m 48ft 6in

Platform Height

12.7m 42ft

Working Outreach

7.55m 25ft

Safe Working Load

225kg 500lbs500lbs

Minimum Weight

2025kg 4500lbs4390lbs

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The TD150T TrackDrive access platform offers exceptional all-around performance from such a compact and low weight base, and with a 225kg safe-working-load, plenty of capacity for tools as well.

Weight-saving design means that site-to-site transportation is more economical and the TD150T is also more efficient, allowing it to work for longer while using less fuel.

The TD150T is also available with rubber-free urethane tracks. Ideal for internal or clean applications, these tracks will increase the number of locations that the TD150T can work, greatly improving its utilisation.

For more information regarding the TD150T or any other TrackDrive access platform, including the TD120T, please contact us.

TD150T Features

Superb Gradeability

Will climb very steep inclines as high as 45% (24°)

Excellent Traction

Better grip on uneven terrain

Fully Proportional Hydraulic Controls

Simple, reliable & easy to maintain

Weight Saving Design

Lower cost transportation & better fuel economy on site

Non-Marking Tracks

Optional rubber-free tracks available for indoor usage

TD150T Specifications

Working Height (A)

14.7m 48ft 6in

Working Outreach (C)

7.55m 25ft

Platform Height (B)

12.7m 42ft

Machine Width (F)

1.4m 4ft 7in

Machine Height (D)

2m 6ft 7in

Machine Length (J)

4.7m 15ft 5in

Working Width (G)

3.8m 12ft 6in

Travel Speed

2.1km/h 1.3mph


45% / 24°

Minimum Weight

2025kg 4500lbs 4390lbs

Safe Working Load

225kg 500lbs 500lbs

Cage Width

1.4m 4ft 7in

Cage Depth

0.7m 2ft 4in

Maximum Slope

21% / 12°

Power Options

Diesel & Mains

TD150T Diagram

Diagram of TD150T

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