Nifty 150T | 14.7m Trailer Mount

Working Height

14.7m (48ft 6in)

Working outreach

7.55m (25ft)

Telescopic Upper Boom

Greater accuracy when
positioning platform


Optimising utilisation

Hydraulic Outriggers

For quick & easy setup

Fully Proportional
Hydraulic Controls

Simple, reliable &
easy to maintain

Traction Drive Option

Improved manoeuvrability on site

Developed specifically to maximise outreach, the Nifty 150T trailer mount delivers an unrivalled working envelope, especially at low levels where outreach is needed most.

The Nifty 150T trailer mount offers an up-and-over clearance of more than 5.6m allowing it to reach easily over larger obstacles such as walls and buildings.

Compact dimensions coupled with hydraulically operated outriggers make manoeuvring and setting up the Nifty 150T trailer mount quick and simple, while its 1.4m wide platform provides the operator plenty of room in which to work.

Fully proportional hydraulic controls and a spacious platform make the Nifty 150T trailer mount simple to operate with both speed and accuracy.

The Nifty 150T trailer mount is also available with a traction drive option that offers a simple, cost effective and safe method for on-site positioning.

For more information regarding the Nifty 150T or any other trailer mount, including the Nifty 120T and Nifty 170, please contact us.

Working Height

Working Height (A)

14.7m (48ft 6in)

Platform Height

Platform Height (B)

12.7m (42ft)

Machine Length

Machine Length (J)

5.55m (18ft 3in)

Outrigger Type

Outrigger Type


Traction Drive

Traction Drive


Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load

225kg (500lbs)

Working Outreach

Working Outreach (C)

7.55m (25ft)

Machine Height

Machine Height (D)

2m (6ft 7in)

Machine Width

Machine Width (F)

1.6m (5ft 3in)

Working Width

Working Width (G)

3.8m (12ft 6in)

Minimum Weight

Minimum Weight

1775kg (3915lbs)

Cage Size

Cage Size

1.4m x 0.65m
(4ft 7in x 2ft 4in)

Power Options

Power Options

Bi-Energy (Engine & Battery)
Mains only
Battery only
Petrol or Diesel only

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