Niftylift and The Community

Niftylift CSR - The Community

Since the early 90's Niftylift has supported and valued the local community, schools, colleges, charities and events.

Charities & Sponsorship

Gifts in Kind

Younger Generation

Higher Education




Team Nifty 2011 - Niftylift's Charities

Charities and Sponsorship

Niftylift contribute where possible to support charities and events that benefit the community we serve.

  • Milton Keynes Community Foundation
    • Members since 1998
    • Became patron members in 2005
    • Through the foundation Niftylift can contribute to local charities that provide opportunities for disadvantaged children and vulnerable young people.
    • Find out more about the MK Community Foundation
    • Donations to numerous Charities
  • Staff Fundraising
    • Movemeber
    • Comic Relief
    • Charity Runs & Expeditions
  • Sponsor Events & Clubs
    • Milton Keynes International Festival
    • Local sports clubs

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Gifts in Kind - Niftylift

Gifts in Kind

Niftylift regularly offer goods, services and expertise for support 

  • Local church roof repair
  • For educational use in schools, colleges and Universities 

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Engineering in Education Scheme - Niftylift

The Younger Generation

Niftylift recognises the importance for the next generation to be aware of the careers, pathways and opportunities available within UK manufacturing.

  • Niftylift Employee Volunteers
    • Niftylift Employees volunteer at local schools offering careers advice based on the design and manufacturing industry
  • Work Experience
    • Niftylift offer work experience opportunities for school pupils in years 10-11
  • Apprenticeships
  • Engineering in Education Scheme (EES)
    • Since 2001 Niftylift has partnered with local schools assisting them with the Engineering in Education Scheme
    • Niftylift Graduate mentors have assisted the young engineers to achieve 7 consecutive Platinum Awards and a Rolls Royce Award
  • Award Sponsorship
    • The Company has sponsored Awards in local schools and collages with the aim of encouraging awareness of Engineering and Innovation and highlighting the opportunities available in UK manufacturing.
      • "Niftylift Innovation of the Year Award" for A Level students at local schools, such as Denbigh School 
      • "Niftylift Engineer of the Year Award" for Engineering students at MK College

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Higher Education - Niftylift

Higher Education

Supporting students in higher education is fundamental to the progression of the next generation of engineers.

  • Work Placements
    • Work placements are available for undergraduate engineer students on sandwich courses and final year projects
  • Partnerships
  • Milton Keynes Higher Education
    • The Chairman of Niftylift is a representative on the Milton Keynes Higher Education Strategy Board

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