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HR17N | 17m Self Propelled

Working Height

17m 56ft

Platform Height

15m 49ft 6in

Working Outreach

9.7m 32ft

Safe Working Load

225kg 500lbs500lbs

Minimum Weight

7780(E)/7650(H) kg 17155(E)/16870(H) lbs17220lbs

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Winner of the International Awards for Powered Access ‘IAPA Product of the Year 2021’, the HeightRider 17 Narrow (HR17N) is a self-propelled cherry picker that will lift 2 people and their tools to a working height of 17m or a working outreach of 9.7m.

180° rotating cage and fly-boom coupled with fully proportional multi-function controls deliver exceptional precision when positioning, making tasks easier and quicker to complete.

The HR17N's compact dimensions and zero-tail-swing enable it to travel through and work in restricted spaces, while its non-marking tyres mean it can work both inside and out, making it ideal for maintenance or industrial work.

The HR17N is available with two power options. You can choose from super-efficient battery power, or Niftylift's revolutionary second-generation Hybrid power system.

Battery ('Electric') power is ideal for indoor use, or for quiet, clean operation. It comes with an all-electric drive that allows its maintenance-free AGM batteries to work for longer on a single charge, so more work can be completed and running costs reduced.

Hybrid power incorporates a smaller, power-optimised EU Stage V compliant engine, supported by the machine's electric motor when extra power is needed. This maintains power and performance while reducing fuel consumption for maximum efficiency. The Innovative 'Diesel Re-Gen' feature also recharges the batteries, giving a 'fast-charge' whenever the machine is idle and the engine running. In addition, the Hybrid system also offers an electric-only mode, perfect for indoor, or quiet and clean operation.

The HR17N incorporates Niftylift's ToughCage, and multi-award-winning SiOPS® safety system, which eliminates sustained involuntary operation by instantly halting machine movement if the operator is pushed against the control console.

All HR17Ns manufactured since the first of January, 2020 are also fitted with Niftylink as standard. Niftylink is a powerful telematics tool that provides data insights on your Niftylift’s health, activity and location. These insights provide a better understanding of machine usage, performance and life-cycle, as well as real-time error-code reporting. By maximising machine ‘up-time’ and reducing lifetime running costs, Niftylink offers significant improvements in efficiency and profitability, helping you to get more from your Niftylift.

For more information regarding the HR17N or any other self-propelled cherry picker from Niftylift, such as the HR12N or HR15N, please contact us.

HR17N Features

All-Electric Power Option

Outstanding battery performance

Second-Generation Hybrid Power Option

Smart, efficient, environmentally conscious power

EU Stage V Compliant Engine

Lowered emissions for greener performance

1.5m Narrow Chassis

Allowing operation in confined areas

ToughCage with SiOPS®

Multi-award-winning operator protection

180° Platform Rotation with Fly-Boom

Improving operator access

Proportional Multi-Function Control

Fast & precise operation

Superb Manoeuvrability

3.5m outside turning radius

Niftylink® as Standard

Advanced Telematics for your Niftylift

HR17N Specifications

Working Height (A)

17m 56ft

Working Outreach (C)

9.7m 32ft

Platform Height (B)

15m 49ft 6in

Machine Width (F)

1.5m 4ft 11in

Machine Height (D)

1.99m 6ft 6in

Machine Length (J)

6.4m 21ft

Transport Length (H)

4.93m 16ft 2in

Travel Speed

3.5km/h 2.2mph


25% / 14°

Turning Radius

3.5m 11ft 6in

Minimum Weight

7780(E)/7650(H) kg 17155(E)/16870(H) lbs 17220lbs

Safe Working Load

225kg 500lbs 500lbs

Fly Boom Arc


Cage Rotation


Cage Width

1.5m 4ft 11in

Cage Depth

0.8m 2ft 8in

Power Options

Battery only
Hybrid (Battery & Diesel)

HR17N Diagram

Diagram of HR17N

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