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HR12NE | 12.1m Self Propelled

Working Height

12.1m 39ft 6in

Platform Height

10.1m 33ft

Working Outreach

6.4m 21ft

Safe Working Load

200kg 440lbs440lbs

Minimum Weight

3250kg 7165lbs7210lbs

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The HeightRider 12 Narrow Electric (HR12NE) is one of a new generation of environmentally conscious self-propelled work platforms from Niftylift.

With the ability to be driven from the cage while elevated, it delivers an impressive working envelope from a narrow-aisle, manoeuvrable chassis.

The HR12NE’s compact dimensions, make it ideal for working in a wide range of environments, but it’s particularly well suited to industrial locations such as factories and warehouses, where 'narrow-aisle' operation is required.

Driven from the cage, it can be moved quickly from one location to the next. Super-efficient all-electric drive motors provide power and gradeability, which together with a compact turning circle make manoeuvring easy, especially where ground-space is restricted.

Its impressively-low overall weight means it can operate on a wider range of ground surfaces and helps to reduce running costs and emissions, due to lower fuel consumption.

This low weight coupled with its compact dimensions can also reduce transportation costs, as a smaller more efficient site-to-site transport vehicle can be used.

The HR12NE utilises a super-efficient battery power system with an all-electric drive that allows the batteries to work for twice as long, so more work can be completed on a charge and running costs reduced.

The HR12NE’s impact resistant ToughCage can accommodate two people and their tools.

Fully-proportional controls deliver smooth, measured operation while a telescopic upper-boom allows for precise positioning anywhere in its impressive working envelope.

The HR12NE features Niftylift’s multi-award-winning ‘Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System’, (SiOPS®). SiOPS® instantly stops all machine functions if the operator is pushed onto the cage control console by an obstacle, preventing serious injury.

For more information regarding the HR12NE or any other self-propelled boom lift from Niftylift, such as the HR12L and HR12 4x4, please contact us.

HR12NE Features

1.49m Chassis Width

Improved narrow aisle access

Efficient Battery Power System

Maximising output to do more with each charge

Maintenance-Free Batteries as Standard

Reducing maintenance downtime

ToughCage with SiOPS®

Multi-award winning operator protection

Weight Under 3.3 Tonnes

Low cost transportation

Telescopic Upper-Boom

Greater accuracy when positioning platform

Proportional Multi-Function Control

Fast & precise operation

HR12NE Specifications

Working Height (A)

12.1m 39ft 6in

Working Outreach (C)

6.4m 21ft

Platform Height (B)

10.1m 33ft

Machine Width (F)

1.49m 4ft 11in

Machine Height (D)

1.98m 6ft 6in

Machine Length (J)

3.97m 13ft

Travel Speed

6km/h 3.7mph


25% / 14°

Turning Radius

3.3m 11ft 6in

Minimum Weight

3250kg 7165lbs 7210lbs

Safe Working Load

200kg 440lbs 440lbs

Cage Width

1.2m 3ft 11in

Cage Depth

0.85m 2ft 9in

Power Options

Battery only
AGM - Maintenance Free
*Lithium Option

HR12NE Diagram

Diagram of HR12NE (MKII)

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