Introducing SiOPS

SiOPS™ is the next generation in operator safety.

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms offer a safe and efficient way to work at height. However, occasionally operators can become trapped between the machine and surrounding objects and in extreme cases this can result in sustained involuntary operation of the machine's controls. This can worsen operator injuries, particularly on machines with a footswitch. SiOPS™ eliminates sustained involuntary operation by interrupting all machine movement if a load is detected on the cage console.

In the event that an operator is pushed over the controls, SiOPS™ senses the load and responds by disabling the machine's footswitch and green button. The machine will stop immediately, allowing the operator to consider how to respond safely and recover their situation. If recovery is required from the ground, then the base controls can be selected and the operator can be recovered using the main or auxiliary power systems.

SiOPS™ is only available on Niftylift MEWPs and can give its operator a vital second chance.

For more information on SiOPS™ please email our US sales team.

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