SP50 Hybrid 4x4

SP50 Hybrid - GreenMachines

The SP50 Hybrid 4x4 is one of a new generation of environmentally conscious work platforms from Niftylift.

Combining advanced power-source technology with capable 4x4, it delivers outstanding performance from a compact and super-low-weight design. It has a working height of 17m (55ft 10in), a working outreach of 9.1m (29ft 10in) and incorporates industry leading and award winning technologies.


Hybrid Technology

The SP50 Hybrid 4x4's revolutionary Hybrid power pack allows the selection of Electric only or Hybrid power during operation.

On Electric only the SP50 becomes a 'zero emission' machine that can work inside or out in any environment both cleanly and quietly.

SP50 Hybrid Technology

On Hybrid Power, the SP50 allows the electric motor to automatically assist the Diesel engine when required (e.g. climbing a steep slope), boosting the overall power available. At all other times the electric motor channels the excess power from the Diesel engine back to the batteries, storing it for when it is most needed. This ingenious Hybrid technology means that the machine can use a much smaller Diesel engine (Kubota 722 - 18Hp) than would otherwise be required, reducing fuel consumption by up to 50% (compared to other machines in its class) and therefore greatly reducing running costs. Furthermore, due to its efficient design the 'Diesel Re-Gen' feature can charge the batteries up 40% faster than standard mains power, so the SP50 can fully re-charge itself in just 4 hours. This means that the SP50 Hybrid 4x4 can potentially work 24 hours a day, using the electric motor to work quietly at night and then re-charge during the day-shift while running on Diesel.

The SP50 also incorporates an advanced exhaust purification system, greatly reducing CO (Carbon Monoxide), HC (Hydro-Carbons), particulates (soot), and noise emissions.


Super-Low-Weight Design

SP50 Super-Low-Weight Design

With a working envelope that is comparable to any 17m work platform on the market, the SP50 Hybrid 4x4 is incredibly light, especially considering that its overall dimensions are also considerably smaller than its competition. This is achieved through a combination of Niftylift's cutting edge design and analysis techniques which, over recent years have consistently produced industry leading products that use specialist high grade and low weight materials to achieve such a high level of performance and specification. The result is a machine that is considerably lighter and more compact than its competition - leading to savings in transportation and on-site running costs - without compromising in any way on performance.


ToughCage Technology

ToughCage Technology

The SP50 Hybrid 4x4 also incorporates Niftylift's new ToughCage technology. Its tough impact resistant composite base and larger cross-section steel cage give extra strength and durability, both protecting the operator and reducing the risk of damage to the cage. As well as resisting damage the new ToughCage absorbs much of the force of an impact preventing damage to the boom. Should damage occur the rails can be replaced separately for a fast low cost repair.


SiOPS® Safety System

SiOPS Safety System

Perhaps most importantly the SP50 is fitted with the new SiOPS® safety system to help prevent sustained involuntary operation of the controls if the operator should become trapped between an overhead obstacle and the machine's active controls. The SiOPS™ control panel is integral to the cage and equipped to detect any significant load on the platforms controls or console. If a load is detected the foot pedal and enable button are immediately deactivated, temporarily interrupting all machine movement. This vital 'second chance' gives the operator time to consider how to recover their situation safely and then re-activate control.



SP50 Hybrid 4x4

The SP50 Hybrid 4x4 embodies the very best aspects of Niftylift's design philosophy, combining advanced power-source technology with capable 4x4 while delivering class leading reach performance from a compact, super-low-weight and maneuverable chassis that is easy of use, reliable and safe.

Whether from the point of view of a machine operator or a rental company the SP50 Hybrid 4x4 represents the 'ultimate' combination of performance, economy, and most importantly safety.

Niftylift believes that the SP50 Hybrid 4x4 represents the blueprint for the future of hydraulic work platform design.

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