SiOPS - Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System

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Mobile Elevating Work Platforms offer a safe and efficient way to work at height. Occasionally however, operators can become trapped between the machine and surrounding objects forcing their torso onto the controls. In extreme cases, this can result in sustained involuntary operation of the machine's controls which can inadvertently move the machine and operator towards the obstacle, worsening the injuries caused.

SiOPS® Eliminates Sustained Involuntary Operation

SiOPS® eliminates sustained involuntary operation by interrupting all machine movement if an operator is pushed against the cage controls.

SiOPS® Stops Machine Movement Instantly

SiOPS® reacts instantly when it senses the operator being forced onto the controls. By removing the operator reaction time SiOPS® greatly reduces the potential for trap injury.

SiOPS illustration

SiOPS® is only available on Niftylift MEWPs and addresses a known contributing factor in trapping incidents and gives the operator a vital second chance. 

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