Eagle Rentals Inc. - Dennis B. Limberg

Statesville, NC

Thank you for the continued great service. Our aerial business has been one of our few growth sectors in the past 18 months, and the versatility and reliability of your Niftylifts are the largest reason for this growth.

Our competitors carry self-propelled lifts without outriggers, limiting their usefulness. The track drive 34' boom has excellent utilization and rates due to its versatility. The outriggers allow it to be used on many jobs inaccessible to other lifts - It will go anywhere! My rates on this lift are never challenged.

Most other brands no longer allow for separate operation of the upper and lower booms. The TM34's are still very much in demand due to the added reach envelope of your separate boom controls. Our rates have held on the towable lifts. Most other rental yards have not been able to maintain rates.

The TM64 has been great. With the recession, it allows for great reach heights at a very affordable rate. Cheaper than a 60' stick, and much cheaper for transport.

Our lifts spend their entire lives outdoors, and the hydraulic/mechanical functions are essential to us. The electric/hydraulic functions of several of our other booms tend to cause troubleshooting nightmares after only a year in the elements.

Your parts and service support have always been outstanding, even more so since your move to South Carolina.

Keep up the good work.

T: 704-872-3621
E: eaglerentals@bellsouth.net
W: www.eaglerentals.com