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Aerial Titans, Inc - Nifty TM64

Aerial Titans, Inc -Andrew J Huggins

Covington, GA

Aerial Titans is a full service aerial equipment dealer located in Atlanta, GA with an additional holding yard in Hartford, WI. We sell used boom lifts and towable (towbehind [sic]) boom lifts throughout North America and beyond. Genie made up the bulk of our new equipment sales prior to picking up the new Niftylift product line. Niftylift's product line (towbehinds [sic], self-drive, track-drive and self-propelled) now makes up 90% of our New equipment sales. Niftylift products, service and support are unmatched. We've sold multiples of each Niftylift model: TM34T, TM42T, TM50, TM64, SD50, SD64, TD34 and TD50. Niftylift's extended warranty options matched with our lease and finance options has made us a powerhouse in the industry.

T: 980-722-1819

Sky's The Limit Window Cleaning - Marc Tanner, President

Royal Palm Beach - FL, USA.

I have been a Niftylift owner for 8 years. I must say this piece of  equipment is an invaluable asset to my business. Recently I encountered some electrical issues which were intermittent and very frustrating.  After contacting Niftylift U.S. I was put in touch with a gentleman named Paul. In speaking with him I realized that he knows these machines backward and forward. Paul spent over an hour on the phone with me as I was checking voltage on numerous contacts on the machine. This man has the patience of a saint and there were a few times I was afraid we were not going to be able to fix this issue over the phone but he seemed to take a deep breath and press forward. Ultimately we found the issue and he directed me how to complete the repair.  His professionalism and knowledge of your products is nothing short of first class.

I called in a part order with Ed and found him to also be an invaluable asset  as well. His knowledge and professionalism made purchasing parts a pleasure and look forward to working with him with  any future needs that I might have.

In closing its great to say that having employees that take pride and concern in customer needs lets me know that purchasing a Nifty Lift was a great decision.

Feel free to share this testimonial as I stand beside Nifty Lift as a proud owner of one and valuable asset to my company. 


Marc Tanner
Tel: 561-784-8214
Sky's The Limit Window Cleaning

Quality Tree & Lanscapping - Wade Williams

Wilson - NC, USA.

I looked at other machines but the SD64 is the one I decided to go with. It is a fantastic machine and ideal for my work as an aborist and landscaper. It is fast reliable and very easy to use. I can accomplish about 98% of my total tree care service with this machine. On the odd occasion that I have had a problem with the machine the service back up has been excellent. Technical advice and supply of parts has meant that down time has been extremely minimal. I would recommend the SD64 to anyone.

T: 252-243-6059

Butler Area School District - Keith Kaib

Butler - PA

In 2006 we bought our Nifty TM34 Cherry Picker from Niftylift primarily to repair our outdoor lighting. Since that time we have used it for cleaning windows, caulking windows, trimming trees, installing ropes in flagpoles, repairing inside gym lights and countless other tasks.

It truly has become a valuable piece of equipment used to solve numerous problems.

T: 724-214-3215

Eagle Rentals Inc. - Dennis B. Limberg

Statesville, NC

Thank you for the continued great service. Our aerial business has been one of our few growth sectors in the past 18 months, and the versatility and reliability of your Niftylifts are the largest reason for this growth.

Our competitors carry self-propelled lifts without outriggers, limiting their usefulness. The track drive 34' boom has excellent utilization and rates due to its versatility. The outriggers allow it to be used on many jobs inaccessible to other lifts - It will go anywhere! My rates on this lift are never challenged.

Most other brands no longer allow for separate operation of the upper and lower booms. The TM34's are still very much in demand due to the added reach envelope of your separate boom controls. Our rates have held on the towable lifts. Most other rental yards have not been able to maintain rates.

The TM64 has been great. With the recession, it allows for great reach heights at a very affordable rate. Cheaper than a 60' stick, and much cheaper for transport.

Our lifts spend their entire lives outdoors, and the hydraulic/mechanical functions are essential to us. The electric/hydraulic functions of several of our other booms tend to cause troubleshooting nightmares after only a year in the elements.

Your parts and service support have always been outstanding, even more so since your move to South Carolina.

Keep up the good work.

T: 704-872-3621

Jim Goodall Equipment Sales

Jim Goodall Equipment Sales - Jim Goodall

Ft Myers, Florida

We became a Nifty Retailer two (2) years ago and it was the best thing we did to grow our business. Great Product & Great People to deal with. We were selling used towables and decided to try selling New Niftys, We started with six units in 2009 and purchased over 20 units our first year. We are going to expand into the SD 4WD model later this week. Great customer support to their dealer network, Jim Goodall, owner, Jim Goodall Equipment Sales, Ft Myers, FL USA.

T: 239-776-5725

Rental One LLC - Lew Shankweiler

Greer, SC

As we continue to develop our aerial rental business with Niftylift products, we consistently receive encouraging, positive feedback from our customers.  Our busiest models are the towables.  Having a long history of renting many makes and models of towable lifts, I have realized a significant difference in ease of set-up and operation with the Niftylift units.  This not only generates repeat business due to no hassles but reduces complaints and avoidable service costs. In addition, more and more customers are taking advantage of the economic alternative to high-cost booms that must be delivered by renting our SP line of Niftylift.  Self-propelled booms that can be safely trailered by the customer are rapidly becoming an affordable option for many applications.  Niftylift's support and interest in our aerial rent success has been reassuring for us.  We look forward to expanding our fleet with more of your products as we continue to carve the "nifty-niche" in our market.

T: 864-989-1955

SD64 4x4x4

RGB Inc. - Kirk Messing

Raymond, NH

With more then 20 years experience in the Aerial Lift industry I have seen a lot of different lifts come & go. The superior craftsmanship, affordability and the level of service after the sale are what make Niftylifts a great product.

Our SD64 4x4x4 rental machine always exceeds our customer's needs and with the off road & backyard capability it's a great choice for Tree Professional. The diesel power and full hydraulic control system creates a very reliable and smooth running machine.

Customers that have purchased machines have always come back saying the same thing;

"What a great machine, I LOVE IT!"

For my choice there are no other machines that match up!

T: 603-895-3803