Niftylift Shortlisted for Equipment Supplier of the Year 2015

Niftylift has been shortlisted for 'Equipment Supplier of the Year' at the HAE Hire Awards of Excellence 2015

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I am pleased to announce that Niftylift has been shortlisted by the Hire Association Europe (HAE) for 'Equipment Supplier of the Year' at the Hire Awards of Excellence to be held at '8 Northumberland Ave' in London on the 18th April 2015.

The 'Equipment Supplier of the Year' award is special in that it is decided purely on votes (rather than the judging panel), so if you feel that Niftylift deserves to win this award, please help us by voting for Niftylift.

You don't need to be an HAE member to vote, just pop over to the HAE voting portal (see link below) where you'll find instructions on how to vote.

Voting opens on Monday 16th February at 8am and closes at 5pm on Friday 20th February - so don't miss out on this opportunity and make sure that your vote is counted!

Thank you to everyone that takes the time to vote for Niftylift, we really do appreciate it!

Simon Maher
Marketing Manager
Niftylift Ltd

A few things to note:

  1. Strictly 1 vote per company, additional votes will not be counted.
  2. Online voting requires email registration to verify identity. Email addresses from web-based providers (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) will not be counted unless they can be confirmed as in use by a business.
  3. Votes can be phoned in (+44 121 380 4622), or emailed to Telephone or email voters will be vetted for identity and checked against online votes before being counted.
  4. Voting is open to all customers, irrespective of whether they are HAE EHA members, provided they follow the registration process as outlined above.
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