Niftylift Announces New Platform Range with Next Generation Trechnology

Niftylift's enterprising engineers have boldly gone and developed a futuristic range of products with a revolutionary new power source

Niftylift engineers inspired by the work of Scotty, legendary ship's engineer of the USS Enterprise, have crossed the final frontier of technology to develop a new power source, based on Di-Lithium crystals.

These Di-Lithium crystals will be phased-in to replace the traditional engine and / or batteries on Niftylift's new 'Warp Factor Range' of booms, which is set to stun the market in April. 

Earth-leading trechnology... Li-Fe, but not as you know it

With the wrath of Khan, London's Mayor, firmly directed at vehicle emissions in Central London, Niftylift's Di-Lithium powered Warp Factor Range is the only logical choice, putting it light years ahead of the competition, who still cling-on to old technology.

Questioning the advantages of the new power source versus Lithium-Ion (Li-Fe) Niftylift's Jim Craddock asked John Keely - whose response was:

"It's Li-Fe Jim, but not as we know it!"

Niftylift's new range also includes some other exciting innovations such as: highly-logical controls, vulcanised-rubber non-marking tyres and a deflector shield, an upgrade to the award-winning SiOPS® anti entrapment device.

However, perhaps the most impressive of all these features is Niftylifts new machine delivery system. Using the voice command "boom me up Nifty", the machine can be instantly transported to a site anywhere in the solar system! (However, due to the limited availability of breathable atmospheres, Niftylift currently recommends restricting usage to planet Earth)

Niftylift pioneering engineers have been 'giving it all they've got' but have pointed out "you cannae change the laws of physics", so machine weights and specifications will be remaining only Earth-leading, for now.

Keep your ears pricked for more announcements and please remember that Di-Lithium crystals are not just April Fuel, but fuel for life!

Live long and prosper.

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