HR15 Hybrid Shortlisted for IAPA 2015

Niftylift's new HR15 Hybrid has been shortlisted for 'Product of the Year - Self Propelled' at the IAPAs 2015

IAPA Shortlisted Company - Niftylift Ltd

I am pleased to announce that the new Niftylift HR15 Hybrid has been shortlisted for 'Product of the Year - Self Propelled', at the 'International Awards for Powered Access' (IAPA) 2015.

Launched in May 2014 and based on Niftylift's award winning 15m Diesel-only 4x4 boom, the HR15 Hybrid builds on the previous model's market leading performance with a number of specification improvements.

Offering a working height of 15.7m, or an impressive outreach of 9.4m, the HR15 Hybrid weighs just 4,800kg.

With compact dimensions, an excellent turning circle and the benefits of Nifty ToughCage and multi award-winning SiOPS® the HR15 Hybrid is already impressive, but it's the environmentally conscious Hybrid power system that really steals the show.

An efficient, power-optimised TIER IV compliant engine is supported by the machine's battery pack when extra power is needed, allowing the HR15 Hybrid to maintain power and performance, while reducing fuel consumption for maximum efficiency.

An innovative Diesel Re-Gen feature also recharges the batteries without a mains power source, giving a 'fast-charge' (up to twice as fast as mains charging) whenever the machine is idle and the engine running.

In addition, the HR15 Hybrid can also be used in electric-only mode, which allows zero-emission operation and makes it ideal (non-marking tyres are standard) for indoor use, or for quiet, clean environments.

Finally, an Advanced Exhaust Purification system, which includes a catalytic converter, greatly reduces exhaust emissions (particulates reduced by 30%, Hydrocarbons reduced by 80% & Carbon Monoxide reduced by 90%).

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony which is to be held in Washington D.C., USA on the 25th March 2015 as part of the IPAF Summit.

Good luck to all those who've been shortlisted.

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