BBC Broadcasts from Niftylift HQ

BBC Breakfast broadcasts live from Niftylift headquarters to showcase Milton Keynes as the top city of growth in the UK.

Behind the scenes

BBC Breakfast chose Niftylift to live broadcast their feature on Milton Keynes business growth success. The national broadcast covered the launch of the Centre for Cities report, in which Milton Keynes comes out on top for growth, against all cities in the UK. Niftylift was highlighted as a perfect case study of business success within the city, and was chosen to host the show.

The breakfast show was broadcast live from the factory floor, Stonebridge, Milton Keynes, on Monday 19th January, with guest speakers including Pam Gosal from Invest MK, and Andrew Carter from Centre for Cities. Ben Thompson from the BBC interviewed Roger Bowden, Chairman of Niftylift on why Milton Keynes is so good for business and the growth of employment opportunities within the company.

Roger Bowden also held an interview with BBC Radio 5 live, covering the same launch.

The Cities Outlook 2015 is published by a national research organisation, which provides an overview of data collected from 64 Cities across the UK.  This data highlights how these individual cities are faring in comparison to others, by using economic indicators within the following categories; Housing, Jobs Population and Business Growth. The performance against these indicators enables cities to measure their contribution to economic growth across the UK.

As a result Milton Keynes is listed number one in job growth, up 18% compared to the national average of 5%, and population growth over 16% against the national average of 6%.

It's certainly an exciting time for the progressive city, and for Niftylift who continues to grow strong with it.

Click here for employment opportunities at Niftylift.

Click here to watch a clip of the BBC broadcast.

The BBC and Niftylift Team
Live in five: Chairman Roger Bowden broadcasts live to Radio5 Live
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