AH-Lift Receives Denmark's First HR28s

AH-Lift receives the first two Niftylift HR28 Hybrids to arrive in Denmark

AH-Lift's Finn Aalberg (L) with Mark van Oosten (R) of Niftylift

AH-Lift, which has operated in the Copenhagen area of Sea-Land, Denmark for nearly 30 years has just received it's (and Denmark's) first Niftylift HR28 Hybrids.

The two machines were purchased mainly because of their Hybrid power system, which allows them to be used inside or out with no noise, making them ideal for use in residential areas.

The HR28 Hybrid can lift 3 persons and their tools to a working height of 28m or an impressive unrestricted outreach of 19m.

The Hybrid system utilises efficient power-optimised Diesel supported by the machine's batteries when extra power is needed, to reduce fuel consumption and emissions while maintaining power and performance.

A Diesel Re-Gen feature recharges the batteries without a mains power source, giving a 'fast-charge' (up to twice as fast as mains charging) whenever the machine is idle and the engine running.

An electric-only mode allows zero-emission operation making it ideal for indoor use, as non-marking tyres are standard, or for quiet, clean applications.

An Advanced Exhaust Purification system, including catalytic converter, significantly reduces exhaust emissions (particulates reduced by 30%, Hydrocarbons reduced by 80% & Carbon Monoxide reduced by 90%).

AH-Lift, specialises in difficult to access buildings and over the past 12 months has invested in a number of different Niftylift models, many of which Hybrid powered machines.

Finn Aalberg, founder of AH-lift commented on the recent purchases:

"The low fuel consumption and carbon footprint that the Niftylift Hybrid system offers is a big advantage in a city like Copenhagen. I'm convinced that these will prove to be not just a sound financial investment, but also the only 'responsible' choice in terms of future environmental sustainability."

For more information about AH-Lift call: +45 36 77 48 18, or visit the website: www.ah-lift.dk.

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