Premier Platforms buys Niftylifts

Premier Platforms - HR21 Hybrid AWD

Premier Platforms may well be a new name to the access industry but many of us will know the owner and first Minister, Leigh Farmer, who has been in the rental business for more years than anyone would care to remember.

Having sold Higher Platforms to the Lavendon Group some years ago and being semi retired for a while, Leigh's new company (Premier Platforms) is located in his former premises in Norton Canes, near Cannock and has an all new fleet available for hire, including various Niftylift machines.

The photograph shows Niftylift's UK Sales Manager Tim Ward handing over the HR21 Hybrid AWD, one of number of Niftylift machines purchased by Leigh.

Harnessing Niftylift's ingenious Hybrid technology, the HR21 Hybrid AWD is the first of a new generation of 'Green Machines' from Niftylift. It uses a much smaller Diesel engine than would otherwise be required supplemented by its battery power pack at peak usage to greatly reduce fuel consumption while actually increasing its power-to-weight by 5%. It also incorporates an advanced exhaust purification system with catalytic converter, greatly reducing CO (Carbon Monoxide), HC (Hydro-Carbons), particulates (soot), and noise emissions.

The HR21 Hybrid AWD also includes, as standard, Niftylift's award winning SiOPS™ (Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System) and ToughCage technologies, designed to help protect the operator and reduce the risk of cage damage.

Add to all these the ability to recharge its battery power pack while operating (up to twice as fast as mains), its very low overall weight (up to 50% lighter than its competition) and its impressive reach performance and the HR21 Hybrid AWD represents the 'ultimate' combination of performance, economy and most importantly safety.

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