Operation Owl - Niftylift Helps Re-Home Barn Owl

Ollie and Paul Doidge - Niftylift

While walking his dog, local man Paul Doidge (pictured) spotted what looked like a dead owl chick lying on the ground inside a Barn.

The owl had apparently fallen from a box located in the rafters of the barn due to a flaw in the box's design which allowed the non flight-ready owl chick to get too close to the box door and fall out.

Upon closer inspection Paul realised that the owl was alive, although not in good shape and he decided to attempt to save its life.

Amazingly and against all the odds, Paul succeeded in nursing it back to health and after a number of weeks of feeding the owl which he nick-named "Ollie", it has now grown significantly and looks to be in very good health.

Ollie's new Owl Box

Not satisfied with just saving Ollie's life, Paul also decided to address the problem with the old Owl box design, and built a completely new Owl box to be used for future Owl broods.

Nifty 210 Reaching into Barn

Due to the awkwardness of the location he asked Niftylift for assistance, and we were more than happy to help.

The Nifty 210 trailer mount was chosen for the task due to its exceptional outreach (11.8m) and it was able to reach up and over obstacles and into the barn to position the owl box perfectly.

Installing the Owl Box with Nifty 210

'Operation Owl' was accomplished safely and efficiently, using the Nifty 210 and since Ollie's re-housing, Paul has been back to check on him and all appears to be going well now that he has been re-united with his mother.

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