Manlift Hire Take First HR21 Hybrid AWD

Manlift Hire - HR21 Hybrid AWD

As part of new order for Niftylift, Ken Mathews, Managing Director and part of the family that owns Manlift Hire of Melbourne, takes delivery of the first Height Rider 21 Hybrid AWD Platforms to enter Australia. Manlift have been operating for over 25 years in the access industry and was one of the first access pioneers in Australia.

When asked for his reason for purchasing this type of machine Jeff Mathews commented,

"As a small family business, we at Manlift Hire are looking for something that is a little bit different to our competitors. The beauty of the HR21 Hybrid AWD is its versatility, it's a 62 foot electric knuckle boom with non-marking tyres for indoor use and all-wheel-drive for outdoor jobs. It also has more horizontal reach than a 45 foot straight boom. The HR21 Hybrid AWD also has the unique SiOPS™ (Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System) and ToughCage making the machine safer to operate. The hybrid power source is an added bonus, making the HR21 Hybrid AWD environmentally conscious and I am convinced I will be able to achieve a better return for my investment by offering equipment with a low carbon footprint".

He Added "At well under six and a half tonnes this machine is substantially lighter than other manufactures 62 foot booms, meaning I can save on transport and I can offer customers lower point loadings"

Adding to the HR21 Hybrid AWD's list of environmentally conscious credentials, it couples an efficient  14kw engine with a powerful electric motor to achieve a 5% increase in power-to-weight-ratio and a 40-50% fuel saving. The advanced exhaust purification system and catalytic converter then remove 30% particulates, 80% hydrocarbons and 90% of carbon Monoxide.

John King of Nifty Australia added,

"This machine will form the basis for a whole new range of environmentally conscious access platforms, this HR21 Hybrid AWD can work 24 hours a day 7 days a week due to its unique re-generation system. Its obvious to us at Niftylift that carbon footprint will become increasingly important to the construction industry not only here in Australia but to our customers worldwide. It's great to see a medium size company like Manlift can also see where the market is going."

For more information contact Manlift hire on 03 9792 9399

Or John King of Nifty Australia on 02 4964 9765

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