IPAF Training Course Saved by Nifty Service Support

IPAF Training Course Saved by Nifty Service

It's not that often that someone takes the time to write and tell others about a very positive experience they've had with a company, so this story makes a very welcome exception. Congratulations and thanks to all those involved in making the following possible, and keep up the good work!

The story below was written by Paul Roddis, an IPAF trainer for OnTheJob Training, who are based in Gloucestershire:

"When considering what equipment to buy for our IPAF training centre there are a lot of things to consider like cost, size of the equipment, indoor or outdoor use, weight, height, outreach, reliability, maintenance costs etc. That said, it took a very short time to decide on a Niftylift. I have 15 years experience in the powered access industry and have found the Nifty HR12N and Nifty 120T to be exceptionally reliable and very precise in their operation due to the brilliant direct nature of the hydraulic controls. This has 2 significant benefits for us as a training company:

  1. There is very little to go wrong and in my 15 years experience the hydraulics have never gone wrong at all!
    It allows me to accurately assess the trainees abilities rather than, with some alternatives that are electro-hydraulic, the machines response time and accuracy to the trainees use of the controls.
  2. From the Niftylift range, I went for an HR10 as it weighs less that 2200Kg. This allows me to tow it behind my Ranger and thus take it with me for on site training. My customers love this as it means that they do not have to hire a mobile boom and they can guarantee that the machine will arrive on time and be on good working order.

"So where, you may ask, does the 'Niftylift saves the day' come in? Well, during a training course, whilst running through the pre use checks, the tilt alarm started going off and we were not on a slope! I looked at the obvious possible problems but there was nothing wrong with the machine except that the alarm would not stop going off unless I removed the Anderson plugs thus isolating the batteries completely. I was utterly stumped and also had no alternative boom lift for the training course.

"There was clearly nothing else for it so I called the manufacturer. I will be honest, I expected the usual pillar to post experience where nobody helps and you are left exactly where you started.

"What I actually got was a real human being, in the same country as me, that listened to what I was saying, asked intelligent questions and offered useful advice. Wow! I was genuinely taken aback, this was a completely new experience for me. No arguing, no blaming, just attempts to find solutions. The problem was diagnosed as a PCB (Printed circuit board) fault and my heart sank. Clearly it was way beyond my abilities to repair a PCB but again Niftylift exceeded all of my expectations and said they could get their technician over to me immediately as he was not far away. Once again I was amazed, my problem was being solved for me and all I had to do was wait. Within a short time the technician arrived and replaced the PCB getting us back up and running within 20 minutes of arrival and we completed the training course.

"All in all we lost just over an hour and a half from break down to back up and running. I do not think that there is any other manufacturer that could or would have achieved this and I thank Niftylift for quite unbelievable service. My advice to anyone thinking of purchasing a boom lift, GET A NIFTYLIFT!"

Thank you Paul for a very welcome endorsement of Niftylift's service support.

If you'd like to know more from Paul about this story or talk about the training offered by OnTheJob Training, Paul's contact details are shown below:

Paul Roddis - OnTheJob Training
T: 0845 54321 29
E: paul@onthejob.co

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