HR15 4x4 Makes Awkward Installation Possible

HR15 4x4 Satellite Installation - 1

Contractors on a construction site in Milton Keynes were scratching their heads while trying to decide how to safely reach an installation position for a satellite receiver, when a Nifty HR15 4x4 'stepped in' and saved the day.

The contractors, who had initially hired-in a larger machine from another manufacturer, had found that they couldn't position close enough to reach the job safely and while trying to find an alternative method to reach the job, noticed the HR15 4x4 working on another part of the site. After a risk assessment and a discussion with the HR15 4x4 operators, the machine was positioned and ready to assist.

HR15 4x4 Satellite Installation - 2

The HR15 4x4's 180° cage rotation and cage size proved to be perfect for the task-at-hand not to mention the 9.6m of outreach allowing them to position the base on the tarmac and reach up-and-over the softer unprepared muddy ground.

When asked their opinion of the HR15 4x4 the contractors commented:

"The HR15 4x4 offered the ideal combination of reach and flexibility. The machine's cage rotation meant that we could get right in next to the installation and complete the job quickly and safely. We'd definitely recommend it!"

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