GT Access buys Nifty SD120T

SD120T Self Drive Work Platform - GT Access

UK based GT Access has taken delivery of the new SD120T from Niftylift.

 The SD120T self drive work platform, which utilises the same boom set as the popular Nifty 120T trailer mounted cherry picker and HR12 self propelled boom lift, offers 12.2m of working height and an impressive 6.1m of outreach. Hydraulic outriggers allow it to be levelled on uneven terrain - a distinct advantage to GT Access customers - and also keep the overall weight to a minimum.

The photograph shows Jonathan Till demonstrating the machine to an end user for work on a private house. When asked why he chose the SD120T Jonathan replied:

"I'd been asking Niftylift to build me the HR12 with outriggers for sometime as I knew I could find work for them. The SD120T can be used anywhere tracked access platforms can go, but has the advantage of being able to travel much faster and cause far less damage to delicate surfaces such as grass or tiled floors."

Weighing in at well under 2.5 tonnes and with the option of Bi-Energy (battery and engine) power, the SD120T promises to be a very versatile addition Jonathan's ever increasing fleet.

Jonathan bought his first two SD120Ts within 5 minutes of seeing it for the first time, showing great confidence not only in his own entrepreneurial skills but also in Niftylift.

Tim Ward, Niftylift's UK Sales Manager commented:

"Niftylift is demonstrating that British design and manufacturing is alive and well. In the same vein as JCB, Rolls Royce Aero Engines and Triumph Motorcycles, Niftylift continues to prove that world class products can be build in the UK, even in these challenging times."

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