GT Access Buys First HR21 Hybrid

GT Access - HR21 Hybrid

As part of a large order for Niftylift, Jonathan Till, Managing Director and owner of UK based GT Access has taken delivery of the first of a number of HR21 Hybrid AWD Platforms.

The innovative Hybrid power system on the HR21 Hybrid AWD offers a number of benefits over more conventional power packs. These include:

Zero Emissions - Selecting electric-only power enables the HR21 to work in clean applications.

Lower Running Costs - The efficient Hybrid power plant reduces fuel consumption by up to 50%.

Battery Re-Gen - A mains-free fast charge for batteries while running on Diesel which is up to twice as fast as charging from mains.

Quiet Running - A 25% reduction in noise output for considerate usage in sensitive locations.

Cleaner Exhaust - The Tier 4 engine,  catalytic converter & particulate filter greatly reduce exhaust emissions. 

GT Access owner Jonathan Till said: "I strive for the GTA fleet to be amongst the youngest in the industry, this helps keep my customers happy by limiting breakdowns and consequently keeps my machines at the very cutting edge of technology. These Nifty HR21 Hybrid's not only have ToughCage and the unique SiOPS™ operator protection system but also the Hybrid power source. I am convinced I will be able to achieve a better return for my investment by offering equipment with a lower carbon footprint."

"At well under six and a half tonnes this machine is also substantially lighter than other manufactures 70ft booms, meaning I can save on transport and offer my customers lower point loadings too."

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