Bella Access buys Niftylifts

Niftylift HR12N & HR15N - Bella Access

Brand new powered access specialist, Bella Access, get off to a great start with a fleet of new Niftylifts.

The brand new Bella Access is based in Stone, between Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford and is a joint venture between Gary Smith and Jason Dalmas. Jason will run day-to-day operations as MD and Gary, who used to own Kimberly Access, will oversee things as Chairman.

Bella Access have got off to a good start, buying a mixed fleet made up of Niftylift Height Rider 12 Narrow (HR12N) and Height Rider 15 Narrow (HR15N) booms as well as some Skyjack machines.

The HR12N's and HR15N's were both chosen for their compact dimensions, excellent reach performance and versatile power options. At only 1.5m both the HR12N and HR15N are perfect for working in confined spaces such as storage warehouse aisles and the Bi-Energy power (Combining Diesel and Electric) allow them to work inside or out quietly and zero-emission if needed. The machine's low overall weight also helps to keep transportation costs down and reduce fuel consumption on-site, benefiting both Bella and their customers.

When asked why he bought Nifty's for Bella Access, Gary commented:

"I'd run Niftylift's with Kimberly Access and always found them to be reliable and very popular with our customers, so when we decided to set up Bella Access we knew we had to have Nifty's in our fleet this time too."

The attached photos show the new Niftylift HR12Ns and HR15Ns being fitted with Bella Access labels before going out on their first hires.

For more information on Bella Access contact: Jason Dalmas on 07875 529706
For more information on Niftylift contact: Tim Ward on 07801 859042

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