63 Metres of Niftylift on One Vehicle

3 Niftylift HR21s on 1 Flat Bed Truck

The photograph to the right (click to enlarge) shows three Niftylift Height Rider 21s (HR21) that are about to be transported on the back of one flat bed truck. That's an amazing 63m of working height on one vehicle and the total load weight is not more than 19,200kg, so it can conform to European transportation legislation.

This is made possible due to the HR21's compact dimensions and low overall weight of just 6,400kg (roughly half the weight of many competitors) and therefore offers rental companies the opportunity to save significant amounts of money on transportation costs while also being environmentally at the same time!

For more information on the HR21 Hybrid AWD or any other platform in the Niftylift range, please contact Niftylift.

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