New Height Rider 15 4x4 (HR15 4x4)

New HR15 4x4 - Introduction

Launched in May 2012 and based on Niftylift's already popular pre-existing 15m boom the new HR15 4x4 builds on the previous model's market leading performance with the additional benefits of a significant reduction in machine weight, the use of an efficient Tier 4 compliant Diesel engine and the addition of Niftylift's 'Advanced Exhaust Purification' system. To speak to a member of Niftylift's sales team about ordering the new HR15 4x4 or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Niftylift or email


The new HR15 4x4 offers a working height of 15.6m with an impressive working outreach of 9.2m. It has a 150º fly-boom with 180º cage-rotation and includes Niftylift's durable ToughCage with its patented and multi-award winning SiOPS® safety system as standard. When stowed the HR15 4x4 is 5.1m long and 2m wide with an outside turning radius of just 3.7m, making it both compact and manoeuvrable. The HR15 4x4 has a travel speed of 6.6km/h (4.1mph) coupled with 45% gradeability and at just 4,500kg it's considerably lighter than its predecessor.

New HR15 4x4 - Super-Low-Weight Design

Advancements and Innovations

Super-Low-Weight Design

At just 4,500kg the new HR15 4x4 is in fact 1,900kg lighter than its predecessor, a reduction of nearly 30% to a machine that was already lightest in its class.

This reduction in overall weight gives the following benefits:

  • Lower floor and point loadings - reducing the floor loadings means that the HR15 4x4 can be used in more locations and on applications with sensitive surfaces.
  • Reduced transportation costs - smaller trucks or fewer trips (more machines per truck) lead to significant cost savings.

This is achieved through a combination of Niftylift's cutting edge design and analysis techniques which, over recent years have consistently produced industry leading products that use specialist high grade and low weight materials to achieve such a high level of performance and specification.

New HR15 4x4 - Tier 4 Engine

Tier 4 Diesel Engine

Due to the new HR15 4x4's greatly reduced weight Niftylift has been able to use the smaller Tier 4 (EU Stage IIIB) compliant Kubota 1105 Diesel engine.

Use of a smaller Tier 4 engine gives the following benefits:

  • Reduced running costs - the smaller engine reduces fuel consumption by 40% - 50% compared to previous model.
  • Can be used within emission controlled zones - such as London's Low Emission Zone (LEZ).
  • Reduced noise emissions - engine noise emissions are 25% lower than previous model.
New HR15 4x4 - Advanced Exhaust Purification

Advanced Exhaust Purification

The new HR15 4x4, in addition to using a Tier 4 engine, also incorporates Niftylift's 'Advanced Exhaust Purification' system which includes a catalytic converter.

This greatly reduces exhaust emissions as follows:

  • Particulates reduced by 30%
  • Hydrocarbons reduced by 80%
  • Carbon Monoxide reduced by 90%
New HR15 4x4 - ToughCage

ToughCage Technology

The new HR15 4x4 also incorporates Niftylift's new ToughCage technology. A tough impact-resistant composite base and larger cross-section steel cage give extra strength and durability, both protecting the operator and reducing the risk of damage to the cage. As well as resisting damage the new ToughCage absorbs much of the force of an impact preventing damage to the boom. Should damage occur the rails can be replaced separately for a fast low cost repair.

New HR15 4x4 - SiOPS

SiOPS® Safety System

The new HR15 4x4 is fitted with the patented and multi award-winning SiOPS® safety system to prevent sustained involuntary operation. SiOPS® is integral to the cage and equipped to detect any significant load on the platforms controls or console. If a load is detected the foot pedal and enable button are immediately deactivated, temporarily interrupting all machine movement. This vital 'second chance' gives the operator time to consider how to recover their situation safely and then re-activate control.

New HR15 4x4 - Summary


The new HR15 4x4 embodies the very best aspects of Niftylift's design philosophy, combining an optimised power-source with capable 4x4 while delivering class leading reach performance from a compact, super-low-weight and manoeuvrable chassis.

Whether from the point of view of a machine operator or a rental company the new HR15 4x4 represents the 'ultimate' combination of performance, economy, and most importantly safety.

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To speak to a member of Niftylift's sales team about ordering the new HR15 4x4 or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Niftylift or email

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