BuehnenWies`n 2012

Niftylift - BuehnenWies`n 2012


04/10/2012, 05/10/2012


Oberbechingen, Germany

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Niftylift will be exhibiting at BuehnenWies`n which is to be held in Oberbechingen, Germany from 5th - 6th October 2012.

The show offers a pleasant atmosphere where you can exchange ideas in a Innovative Wies´n Party way.

Some of the products on show include the Nifty 120T, Nifty 150THR12N, HR17N, HR17 Hybrid 4x4, HR18 4x4 ConstructionHR21Hybrid AWD and SD210 4x4x4.

For more information, please contact:

Mark Van Oosten
E: mvanoosten@niftylift.com.