Tom Merchant: Higher Technician Apprentice

Tom Merchant

Name: Thomas Merchant
Apprenticeship Course:  Senior Technician (2013-2017)
Current Role: New Product Developer


What did you study during your apprenticeship?

I began by studying for my HNC in engineering at MK College, this was a level 4 qualification which is recognised nationally and allows for progression into higher levels. I hope to progress and achieve my Engineering degree and reach chartered status, which will all be sponsored and supported by Niftylift.

Why did you choose Niftylift?

I went to secondary school at Denbigh, Niftylift always had a big influence on the engineering department there, and were always keen to run projects and give awards to students. I received 2 awards from Niftylift during Sixth form 'Innovation in Design and Engineering' and 'Excellence in Engineering'.  I left university after only 1 year, I was unsure of what to do, and thought back to Niftylift, I tracked the company down and applied for an apprenticeship and began as an advanced technician.

How have you progressed in Niftylift?

I began as an Advanced Technician, and after only 1 year I moved up to a Senior Technician role. It was nice to know that my work and progress had been noticed, and as a result I am still pushing the boundaries of the apprenticeship now.

I've gone from being a secondary school student hearing about Niftylift, to being a qualified member of the team, and I visit schools and help run the projects and mentoring which gained my interest in the company all those years ago.

Plans for the future?

With the introduction of the Niftylift Young Engineers Scheme, I hope to inspire more young people to enter the world of engineering, and support students who are unsure of their career choices. -After all, I was once in the same position.

Within the company, my apprenticeship has been modified to support my interests in design, and it's very awarding to be able to do exactly what I've always wanted to do. I now have my dream job, and I hope to be with the company and grow as the company grows. 


If you are a young person who is unsure of their career progression, get in contact with Niftylift, we have loads of opportunities in a range of fields, design, production, business...etc. A large company has so many different roles. By speaking to young engineers such as myself, we are always able to help and support your decisions, and give you the experience you need.