2013 - 2014

Vishwaim Naik, Hassan Al-Sherbaz, Max Salthouse and Alexandra Bonauer

The Team

This year's team are (pictured left to right) Vishwaim Naik, Hassan Al-Sherbaz, Max Salthouse and Alexandra Bonauer.


BA CREST Gold Award & Exscitec Platinum Award


The Brief

To design, manufacture and test a tool storage solution which minimises the risk of falling tools and is takes up minimal weight and space in the cage.

The Solution

The team successfully designed, manufactured and tested a tool box that could be quickly and securely attached to and from any Niftylift Toughcage.


By carrying out detailed user research and considered design practice the team created useful features such as quick release removal, a lockable lid, shadow board tool slots and tool tethering.

The comments from the assessing panel were:

"this was clearly a project which enthused the students, and it is obvious that they devoted much time and effort to its eventual success.  The initial research into the requirements and the CAD work was particularly impressive. The manufacture posed some problems, but a working finished product was produced.  All contributed to this success."