2011 - 2012

Denbigh School's 2011 - 2012 EES Team

The Team

This year's team are (pictured left to right) Liam West, Ethan Laurent, Beau Darmalingum and Jessica Chapman-Froome.


BA CREST Gold Award

Nifty Height Adjustable Assembly Jig

The Brief

Due to the compact dimension of this product, assembly can be awkward with many of the heavier components being assembled at low level.

The team were tasked to design a height adjustable assembly jig, enabling automated machine movement through the HR10/12 production line.

The Solution

This year's team reviewed the assembly process and decided the best way to improve the lean credentials of the line would be to design a height adjustable table to support the machine whilst being assembled and an engine/power pack assembly crane attachment to help assemble the heavier components.