2008 - 2009

Denbigh School's 2008 - 2009 EES Team

The Team

This year's team are Irvin Cheng, Thomas Cousins, Mayuran Kasithamby and Angad Lota.


BA Crest Gold Award & Exscitec Platinum Award

Niftylift Engine Trolley

The brief

The engine tray is built up off-line and consists of the engine, radiator, pump and, in the case of the Bi Energy machine, the electric motor, motor controller, etc. It weighs approximately 200kg. The tray is then taken to line and assembled to the machine. At present the process of building the engine tray and getting it to the machine is quite inefficient. There are 3 main steps and these are:

  1. Engine tray is put onto a trolley and assembled.
  2. The trolley is taken to the line and the engine tray is lifted by the over head crane using straps.
  3. The engine tray is then manoeuvred into position and the securing pin is put in place.

Your brief is to design a trolley that will hold the engine tray whilst it is being assembled. The trolley must be easily movable around the factory. It must be height adjustable and allow the engine tray to be fitted onto HR18, HR21, 210SD and 210T machines.

The Solution

The engine trolley designed by this team is ergonomic and compact as well as being easy to use and maintain. As the design eliminates assembly equipment when fitted to the machines, it will improve the efficiency of the production line.