2006 - 2007

The Team

This year's team are Mitchell Davidson, Paul Hand, Vidur Nayar and Alex Wheeler.


BA Crest Gold Award & Exscitec Platinum Award

Nifty 210 Nosewheel / Jockey Wheel Assembly

The brief

The brief is to investigate the design of the current nosewheel/jockey wheel and, if necessary, the drawbar. We need to design an alternative solution.

  • The new assembly should be suitable for use on the Nifty 210 and should address the problems mentioned above.
  • It must comply with all relevant regulations.
  • It should be designed for maximum ease of use.
  • We need to take into account any feedback that is available from customers, service and sales. We also should also review the marketplace for relevant information, looking at both the competition and other industries.
  • The new design should cost no more than the existing assembly and ideally it should be cheaper to produce.

The Solution

The research and design produced by this project was developed and tested further before actually being used on the Nifty 210