Manlift Hire - HR21 Hybrid AWD

Manlift Hire - Jeff Mathews

Dandenong, Australia

As a small family business, we at Manlift Hire are looking for something that is a little bit different to our competitors. The beauty of the HR21 Hybrid AWD is its versatility, it's a 62 foot electric knuckle boom with non-marking tyres for indoor use and all-wheel-drive for outdoor jobs. It also has more horizontal reach than a 45 foot straight boom. The HR21 Hybrid AWD also has the unique SiOPS™ (Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System) and ToughCage making the machine safer to operate. The hybrid power source is an added bonus, making the HR21 Hybrid AWD environmentally conscious and I am convinced I will be able to achieve a better return for my investment by offering equipment with a low carbon footprint. At well under six and a half tonnes this machine is substantially lighter than other manufactures 62 foot booms, meaning I can save on transport and I can offer customers lower point loadings.

T: 01300 Manlift - (03) 9792 9399