La Gelie - David Daniels

Edon, France.

I am very happy to use this opportunity to thank the team at Niftylift for their assistance in sorting out a few issues I had with my equipment.

About a year ago I purchased a used HR12N for use at my farm and house in France. When it came, of course, it did not have any instructions or documentation. I went to your excellent website and was able immediately to access all the operator information that I required.

6 months after starting to work with the lift it developed a minor fault. I couldn't operate the unit from the basket. The diesel motor would start but would not engage the hydraulic system or operate the drive. I called Niftylift service and was immediately counselled by one of your technicians. However, a combination of my lack of experience and my poor description of the issues meant that he was not able to give me a fix by phone. However, he did take the time to send me by email a copy of the necessary electrical schematics. I believe his name was Dave.

I tried to trace out the wiring to find where the fault might be, but was unsuccessful. So I made an appointment to meet someone at Niftylift's offices upon my return from France. I drove up from London to the appointment and was introduced to Mr. Malcolm North. I was both impressed and pleased that he would take the time to help me. Within a few moments he had produced the electrical schematics appropriate to my machine and successfully diagnosed the issue with its operation. He then took a few moments to show me your manufacturing facility. To say that I was pleased with my visit would be an understatement.

Upon my return to France a couple of weeks later, I installed the new wiring he had recommended and the lift worked immediately. Would I recommend Niftylift? - You bet!

Best Regards,
David Daniels
La Gelie
Edon, France