Astley Hire's HR12 Self Propelled Boom Lift

Astley Hire - Mike Dorricott

Leigh, England

Astley Hire has been using Niftylift cherry pickers in their hire fleet since 1994, when we added our very first Nifty 120 Trailer Mount.

We have only ever used Niftylifts in our trailer mount fleet and expect to continue to do so due to the great return on investment we receive.

The Height Rider 12 (HR12) was the very first Self propelled Boom we ever added to our hire fleet.  We are still adding them to this day and again will continue to do so while our customers continue asking for them by name.  They are by far the most popular self propelled boom in our hire fleet.

The Height Rider 15 Narrow (HR15N) was added to our fleet to add some variety to our 15m self propelled boom range.   We have many customers who insist by naming the HR15N Bi-Energy boom at the time of order and are very disappointed when they are not available.
Its not often people ring up to say what a fantastic machine we supplied but they do for the HR15N.

The company deserve to be doing well with their range of fantastic machines.

T: 01942 608822