Customer Comments

DK Enterprise - Nifty 210

D K Enterprise - Dave Kitt

St Austell, England

The Products and Service provided by Niftylift are excellent.

We now have three Niftylift boom lifts in our fleet, the 210, HR12 and 140, and find that with these machines we are able to meet the requirements of our customers.

We hire out access platforms with or without operator in Cornwall and Devon, and pride ourselves on providing an extremely high level of service to our customers. The design quality and reliability of Niftylift products help in achieving this and on the rare occasion we need replacement parts, Niftylift's staff provide a first-rate service with parts arriving the next day.

D K Enterprise highly recommends Niftylift products.

T: 01726 850676

Niftylifts outside APL Aerial Platforms Depot

APL Aerial Platforms - Jason Seddon

Leigh, England.

As a pioneering low carbon foot print company APL wish to thank Niftylift for their innovations and Queens Awards of their latest equipment that APL now run in there hire fleet.

We look forward to receiving our HR28's and being the first Hire Company in the North West to run these new Hybrid Technology machines.

T: 0800 0853709

KJN's Niftylift Hire Fleet

KJN Services - Vanessa King

Bicester, England.

KJN is delighted with Niftylift products and the support we've had from the manufacturer. Our hire fleet of self-propelled and trailer-mount powered access equipment ranges from 12m to 21m machines.

T: 01869 278389

La Gelie - David Daniels

Edon, France.

I am very happy to use this opportunity to thank the team at Niftylift for their assistance in sorting out a few issues I had with my equipment.

About a year ago I purchased a used HR12N for use at my farm and house in France. When it came, of course, it did not have any instructions or documentation. I went to your excellent website and was able immediately to access all the operator information that I required.

6 months after starting to work with the lift it developed a minor fault. I couldn't operate the unit from the basket. The diesel motor would start but would not engage the hydraulic system or operate the drive. I called Niftylift service and was immediately counselled by one of your technicians. However, a combination of my lack of experience and my poor description of the issues meant that he was not able to give me a fix by phone. However, he did take the time to send me by email a copy of the necessary electrical schematics. I believe his name was Dave.

I tried to trace out the wiring to find where the fault might be, but was unsuccessful. So I made an appointment to meet someone at Niftylift's offices upon my return from France. I drove up from London to the appointment and was introduced to Mr. Malcolm North. I was both impressed and pleased that he would take the time to help me. Within a few moments he had produced the electrical schematics appropriate to my machine and successfully diagnosed the issue with its operation. He then took a few moments to show me your manufacturing facility. To say that I was pleased with my visit would be an understatement.

Upon my return to France a couple of weeks later, I installed the new wiring he had recommended and the lift worked immediately. Would I recommend Niftylift? - You bet!

Best Regards,
David Daniels
La Gelie
Edon, France

HR17 Hybrid 4x4 - Rapid Platforms

Rapid Platforms - Alistair Jordan

Bishop's Stortford, England.

Over 25 year relationship with Niftylift - a forward thinking company offering state-of-the-art machinery. In the past we have had a range of Nifty products, but bought the new HR17 Hybrid 4x4 because it is UK manufactured, environmentally friendly and economical to run.

T: 01279 501501

HR21 Hybrid AWD - 1 Up Access Ltd

1 Up Access Ltd - Ben James

Sheffield - England

Because of the overwhelming customer demand for the products. The build quality is second to none and with them advancing in areas such as hybrid machines it was a must we added more Niftylift machines on our hire fleet. The ease of dealing with Niftylift compared to some of the other manufacturers is a joy in this day and age.

T: 01142 721595

Nifty 120 - Croft Church PCC

Croft Church PCC - Roy Sanderson OBE

Croft - England

Just a note to say how delighted Croft Church PCC are to find a machine to provide access for repairs and painting to such a great height. The ideal specification of the Nifty 120 ME (M - manual outriggers, E- battery powered) meant that it could close to a width of 1.10 mtr. wide enabling easy access through the porch doors. The even better advantage was the fact that the stabilising supports could be moved out horizontally rather than hydraulically, meaning the machine fitted ideally into the restricted width of the church aisle. Indeed, the only machine available to do the job.

The machine, delivered as promised, was demonstrated and handed over in a professional way.

HR21 Hybrid AWD - Prolift Access Ltd

Prolift - Andy Pearson

Wellington, England

We are the first hire company to add Units with SIOPS to the hire fleet. We are always looking for way to improve safety standards and I believe that Nifty's SIOPS system is a huge leap forward.

T: 01823 665902
F: 01823 664603

Niftylift HR12N & HR15N - Bella Access

Bella Access - Gary Smith

Stone, England

We chose to run Niftylift HR12N's and HR15N's because of their compact dimensions, excellent reach performance and versatile power options. They are perfect for working in confined spaces such as warehouse aisles and the Bi-Energy power option allows them to work inside or out, quietly and with zero-emissions if needed. Low overall weight helps to keep transportation costs down and also reduces fuel consumption on-site, benefiting both us and our customers.

T: 0844 770 9580
F: 0844 770 9581

HR12NDE Self Propelled Boom Lift

Clements Plant & Tool Hire - Jim Longstaff

Coventry, England

Niftylift now represents over 70% of our boom fleet. It has excellent customer acceptance, is easy to work with, the Parts & service is superb (and direct with the manufacturer and not through a 3rd party). We'll be buying more soon.

T: 02476 466684

Manlift Hire - HR21 Hybrid AWD

Manlift Hire - Jeff Mathews

Dandenong, Australia

As a small family business, we at Manlift Hire are looking for something that is a little bit different to our competitors. The beauty of the HR21 Hybrid AWD is its versatility, it's a 62 foot electric knuckle boom with non-marking tyres for indoor use and all-wheel-drive for outdoor jobs. It also has more horizontal reach than a 45 foot straight boom. The HR21 Hybrid AWD also has the unique SiOPS™ (Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System) and ToughCage making the machine safer to operate. The hybrid power source is an added bonus, making the HR21 Hybrid AWD environmentally conscious and I am convinced I will be able to achieve a better return for my investment by offering equipment with a low carbon footprint. At well under six and a half tonnes this machine is substantially lighter than other manufactures 62 foot booms, meaning I can save on transport and I can offer customers lower point loadings.

T: 01300 Manlift - (03) 9792 9399


Elavation - Barry Brady

Milton Keynes, England

We couldn't exist as a business without Niftylift. Their niche products enable us to get a better return on our investment because our customers need them for specialist work and applications that no other ordinary machine could do.

T: 01908 317602

HR21 Hybrid AWD - GT Access

GT Access - Jonathan Till

Bromsgrove, England

I strive for the GTA fleet to be amongst the youngest in the industry, this helps keep my customers happy by limiting breakdowns and consequently keeps my machines at the very cutting edge of technology. These Nifty HR21 Hybrid's not only have ToughCage and the unique SiOPS™ operator protection system but also the Hybrid power source. I am convinced I will be able to achieve a better return for my investment by offering equipment with a lower carbon footprint.

At well under six and a half tonnes this machine is also substantially lighter than other manufactures 70ft booms, meaning I can save on transport and offer my customers lower point loadings too.

T: 07000 752836

SD210 4x4x4 - DD Hire

DD Hire Services - Asim Iqbal

Camberley, England

Niftylift products have proved to be a popular choice for us at DD Hire Services. The machines are easy to operate and offer a wide range for every situation.

We have a great relation with the sales & after sales team. They are supportive and very helpful. Parts service is very good and most parts are available next day.

T: 01276 31132

Astley Hire's HR12 Self Propelled Boom Lift

Astley Hire - Mike Dorricott

Leigh, England

Astley Hire has been using Niftylift cherry pickers in their hire fleet since 1994, when we added our very first Nifty 120 Trailer Mount.

We have only ever used Niftylifts in our trailer mount fleet and expect to continue to do so due to the great return on investment we receive.

The Height Rider 12 (HR12) was the very first Self propelled Boom we ever added to our hire fleet.  We are still adding them to this day and again will continue to do so while our customers continue asking for them by name.  They are by far the most popular self propelled boom in our hire fleet.

The Height Rider 15 Narrow (HR15N) was added to our fleet to add some variety to our 15m self propelled boom range.   We have many customers who insist by naming the HR15N Bi-Energy boom at the time of order and are very disappointed when they are not available.
Its not often people ring up to say what a fantastic machine we supplied but they do for the HR15N.

The company deserve to be doing well with their range of fantastic machines.

T: 01942 608822

HR21 Hybrid AWD - Upward Powered Access Ltd

Upward Powered Access - Paul Johnson

High Wycombe, England.

I have been buying Niftylifts for the last 25 years, and have always found them to be very reliable and well made machines. Also the company is a joy to deal with, very professional, approachable and I would recommend Niftylift to any of my customers.

T: 01865 821 522

Niftylift HR17 4x4 - Gautam Infrastructure

Gautam Infrastructure & Construction Equipment Pvt Ltd - Kumar Dhami

Navi Mumbai, India

The Niftylift HR17 4x4 Boom Lift is a good reliable machine that works well in tough situations. The product support & after sales support we have received from Niftylift is one of the finest and we will continue to recommend Niftylift products to our customers.

T: 919833374082


Mark 1 Hire - Clive Potter

Chelmsford, England.

We have hired out Niftylift machines since 1998 and have just placed another order. The reasons we run them are reliability, service back up and a high residual value. It is great having a supplier that manufactures in this country so that it makes the supply of spares easy, unlike another manufacturer who has just moved their spares operation to Holland. We like the people we deal with at the company.

T: 01245 399150


Murray Hire - Keith Taylor

Bristol, England.

We felt we wanted to stay with Niftylift because we feel confident with their products due to excellent build quality, reliability and the back-up service they provide.

We have never had any issues when it comes to any warranty claim - major or minor!

Our customers now actually request NIftylift by name as they are familiar with our equipment and from the feedback we have received over the last 15 years or so (since we had our first Niftylift) The inherent design features i.e.: simplicity, enable even the novice to use the machine with confidence (following induction of course!). It is important to us to source as many British made products whenever possible - sadly this is proving more and more difficult.

T: 01454 310606


Highway Plant - Julie Smyth

Belfast, Ireland.

We have run Niftylifts in our hire fleet for many years now.  We have always found the machines to be highly specified and well designed.  Everyone at Nifty is very knowledgeable about the product range - we find their all round service is much more personal than some of the larger manufacturers.  It's important to our business to be able to have someone knowledgeable at the end of a phone if there is a problem; it ensures any issues are resolved quickly.

T: 028 9030 1133


Peter Hird & Sons Ltd - Mark Trueman

Doncaster, England.

Having received a high level of service in the recent purchase of the HR12 4X4 Bi energy machines from Niftylift, I would not hesitate not only in the recommendation of the products offered, but in the way our order was dealt with, from initial enquiry, to final delivery. The staff were not only helpful but informative all the way through the process.

T: 01482 227333