Niftylift's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Niftylift's Corporate Responsibility is presented by 5 pillars; The Community, The Work Place, The Marketplace, The Environment, and Innovation.

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Niftylift CSR - The Community


The Community

Since the early 90's Niftylift has supported and valued the local community, schools, colleges, charities and events.

Niftylift CSR - The Workplace


The Workplace

Niftylift employees operate in an engaging work environment, which inspires progress through skill development and training.

Niftylift CSR - Innovation



Innovation is at the heart of many things Niftylift do and has a major impact on the four core pillars of the company's Corporate Responsibility.

Niftylift CSR - The Marketplace


The Marketplace

Niftylift engage with their partners to achieve excellent value, top quality and innovative solutions which assist in creating a sustainable business.

Niftylift CSR - The Environment


The Environment

Niftylift are particularly aware of the Company's needs and customer's desires to reduce the negative impact Niftylift products and activities may have on the environment.