Niftylift Company History

Niftylift - A Potted History

For all those of you who'd like to know a little about how Niftylift began and some of the landmarks along the way, here is a potted history of Niftylift

Niftylift Potted History - The Nifty 120
  • 1985: Niftylift Ltd. was established in a garden shed, in Bedfordshire, England by Roger Bowden


  • 1985: The first product, Nifty 120, a simple, lightweight 12 metre trailer mount was the first machine to be designed and manufactured and is still in production today.
Niftylift Potted History - The HR10
  • 1988: Niftylift to Milton Keynes, where the first self-propelled machine, the Height Rider 10 (HR10), was designed and manufactured.


  • 1994: Niftylift moved to its purpose built headquarters in Stonebridge, Milton Keynes where manufacturing continues to take place today.


  • 1995: Niftylift has developed a worldwide network of dedicated dealers; opened a subsidiary, Nifty Inc, in the USA; a high-tech, advanced steel fabrication facility in South Yorkshire; and a dedicated R&D centre in Milton Keynes.

  • 2002-4: Niftylift introduce the HR15 4x4 and HR17 4x4 to market and a range of 21 m products


  • 2006: Niftylift Inc move into their office in Greer, South Carolina USA. Niftylift Hoyland is established, a high-tech advanced steel fabrication facility in South Yorkshire.


  • 2009: The patented SiOPS Safety system and Hybrid Drive system innovations were introduced to the market


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  • 2012: The Design and Development team are moved into a new site at Rooksley Milton Keynes to allow for further development and Production lines


  • 2013: Niftylift receive the highest accolade of awards, achieving two Queen's Awards for Enterprise ion the Innovation and International Trade categories. The awards were presented by the Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher.

  • 2014: Construction of a new manufacturing facility is agreed to start work at Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes.


  • 2015: The official Opening of Shenley Wood takes place and Niftylift celebrate the company's 30th Anniversary.
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